Global demand for HVAC equipment is projected to rise through 2016 to $107 billion. The Asia/Pacific region will work at a significant growth rate, led by India and Indonesia, with Heat pumps remaining the fastest growing type of technology in the sector. Recent third-party studies have revealed that Asia Pacific is dominating demand and commercial HVAC equipment is a major segment of the industry, "Asia Pacific is the biggest global market, standing at 42 percent. Commercial HVAC equipment brings in the majority of industry revenue, contributing 51 percent" (Lucintel). Navigant Research further stated, "The strongest region for energy efficient HVAC expansion will be Asia Pacific, which will account for 55 percent of the world market by 2020."

The Company continues to make substantial progress towards achieving our current corporate initiatives. We have secured exclusive distribution rights to represent equipment manufactured by one of China's top HVAC manufacturers, for the countries of the Philippines, Dubai and the UAE. In support of the launch of equipment sales and marketing in each of these countries, the Company intends to exhibit and conduct training seminars as some of the largest HVAC conferences each has to offer later this calendar year. In addition, with the assistance of our strategic advisory board, the Company is endeavoring to facilitate the establishment of an internationally recognized industry association in each of these countries to enhance product reputation and credibility. The Company continues to move forward with development of the unique and disruptive 'Eximius Technologies' to which it owns the exclusive worldwide rights.

The Company is placing particular emphasis on an inherent ability to provide clients with highly innovative energy system implementation practices. We employ an internalized process of planning, designing, engineering, equipment specifying and financial system operational modeling that will ultimately provide long-term economic advantages and overall environmental sustainability. We are witnessing first-hand the ever-growing demand for proven and cost-effective, environmental technology solutions. We often engage dialogue with land developers and government organizations that have knowledge of our high-level of expertise and successful track record in the sector and that are seeking specifically to apply and deploy renewables and green technologies in their projects.